Just a few years ago, Internet content was a novelty, and consumers wiled away endless hours discovering new sites.

Today, consumers face a world of overwhelming information density. Getting your message through to them presents an enormous challenge … and a problem that is getting much, much worse. In the next five years, the amount of information on the web is projected to increase by at least 500%. This represents the most profound competitive issue for any organization today: How do you stand out from this noise and maintain valuable mindshare with your customers?

Our premise is simple. Publishing content is no longer the finish line – it is the starting line. Content that isn’t consumed and shared creates no economic value. This suggests the need for an entirely new competency based on an ability to get your content to move – to get it to ignite, create advocacy, and deliver powerful new economic value.


The Content Code team has created a proprietary process to help your organization be in the very best position to drive business benefits from your content investment by focusing entirely on this aspect of content sharing.

Our work with you begins with an extensive research and discovery process that gauges your ability to create content that is shared, and compares that to your competitors. We’ll provide a Content Ignition Score that actually measures the current state of your content marketing initiative.

Example of Content Ignition Score

By working toward a higher Content Ignition Score over time, you’ll be clearly focused on the optimum factors that drive social sharing – and valuable customer advocacy — over time.

The assessment we provide will summarize the results of more than 50 tests and software platforms that have been assembled over two years of research. The final report provides a detailed, prioritized guide to help you determine what projects will deliver the best return on your content investment including:

  • Industry structure and competitive assessment
  • Evaluation of content density
  • Conversation hierarchy
  • Determining the Content Ignition Score
  • Content Shareability ratings
  • Site structure and mechanical considerations of content sharing
  • Content consistency
  • Readability
  • Industry standards for content length
  • Business use of quizzes, infographics, lists, hashtags
  • Visual content
  • Video channel optimization
  • Re-purposing of content
  • Content optimization
  • Predictive analytics
  • Assessment of current audience affinity tribes
  • Audience geography and relevance
  • Assessing your Alpha Audience
  • Assessment of industry influencers and your content
  • Data-driven content
  • Social proof
  • Content distribution imperatives
  • Multi-channel content
  • Employee networks
  • Crowd-sourced distribution
  • Syndication
  • Paid media
  • SEO
  • Role of branding and content
  • Site authority

… and much more. The end result is a comprehensive, prioritized strategy that will help you attain new economic value from your content investment.

The team also offers a bi-monthly update to track your progress and provide exceptional new insights to help you activate your content ignition strategy.


The process begins with an initial discovery meeting with the client – a small amount of pre-work and then a live or online meeting that takes between three and four hours.

We will use this information, and data from sources such as Google Analytics, to complete a comprehensive assessment that includes more than $100,000 worth of software tools, proprietary analytics, and an extensive 50-point audit.

Our research will include insights and clues from more than 6 million online content sources, thousands of databases, and our own proprietary algorithms. This process takes between 3-5 weeks to complete. We will then deliver the report and cover highlights in a client meeting.

Our report will cover every aspect and every angle of driving new economic value from your content:


The cost of the project can vary somewhat but is typically between $20,000 and $40,000 for the month of assessment, final report, and reporting meeting. After the assessment, we also offer a subscription to a bi-monthly dashboard and analysis that reports on:

  • Changes in your Content Ignition score
  • Changes observed in the competition
  • New data-driven content ideas
  • Significant developments in your audience and influencers
  • New insights and tools to improve the economic value of your content


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